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Reminder: Group meeting tomorrow (Peter Leppik)

[This is an announcement I sent to our research group yesterday]

Reminder: There is a group meeting tomorrow, Friday July 28th, at 11 AM, in
the usual place.  Wai-Mo Suen will be speaking.

As you were probably unaware, Wai-Mo is a Mad Scientist masquerading as a
normal member of our group.  At this group meeting, he will reveal his
Secret Plans for dominating the entire planet, proving once and for all
that he is an Evil Genius on par with the best.  His strangely twisted
theories are far too unconventional to be accepted by the pathetic idiots
who pass themselves off as "scientists."  Indeed, we can probably expect
Wai-Mo to treat us to a passionate speech ending with the phrase, "Fools!
I'll destroy you all!" (though Wai-Mo will probably say it with an accent).
The meeting will end when a muscular young man with an astonishing tan
breaks down the door to the meeting room, and destroys Wai-Mo's apparatus
of doom.

At tomorrow's group meeting, we will also learn the risks of describing the
topic of one's presentation as "To Be Announced."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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