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Searching Notes & Hints

Searching for jokes tends to be hard because they are often written with unusual writing styles and vocabulary. Here are some hints.
  • This is a Google Search. Their help will give you hints on how to search. Google searches normally require all words to match. Use fewer words if you get no hits. For example "clinton" may be a better choice than "bill clinton."
  • If you have a specific joke in mind, remember that others may have told the same joke with different characters, places and situations. Figure out what the joke is really about, if you can, and think of words to match that. You may have to try a variety of terms.
    • For example, it's common for the same joke to appear with different ethnic groups, or political leaders. If you're looking for the great Italian joke about ice fishing at a skating rink, you won't find the version here, which features a Newfie and calls it an "arena."
    • The wonderful joke you heard about Bill Clinton at the pearly gates was probably told in other eras about Nixon, FDR, Lincoln, Washington or even Julius Ceasar. Better to look for terms like "pearly gates" or "St. Peter" than Clinton.
  • Words like "joke" and "humor" won't do you much in queries. All the pages indexed are jokes, though few contain those words. If you are searching for types of jokes, keywords to try are "sexual," "rot13," "topical," "computer," "usenet," "true" and so on.
  • Searching will find you jokes of any type, including the nasty offensive ones that are politically incorrect and not for children. There is no way to protect you from these, so don't search unless you are an adult and ready for anything.
  • Your searches will turn up both jokes from the Best of RHF archives and from the full archives. Jokes from the best-of list are formatted in HTML and have browsing chains at the bottom, the other jokes appear in plain monospace text and just have a link back to the best-of page.
  • If you find anything that may be a copyright violation, let us know with e-mail to funny-request@netfunny.com
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