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rec.humor.funny is posted to between 1/2 to 2 times per day. Each time a new joke is posted to rec.humor.funny, it is added to the window on this web page, which shows you the 20 or so most recent jokes. You can also read new jokes as they come by reading the newsgroup directly with a newsreader or web browser.

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Most Recent Jokes from RHF

  1. Interior decorating dilemma (Tim Rolfe) smirk, original [Apr 24]
  2. Superstitious math (Anton Shepelev) smirk [Mar 31]
  3. They all do that (Wilson Morrris) smirk [Mar 10]
  4. Oscar Pistorius (rikv61@gmail.com) smirk [Feb 6]
  5. ISO 3d printer app (Omar Stoltzfus) original, smirk [Feb 3]
  6. Working out at the gym (Robert Kastigar) smirk [Jan 30]
  7. Bar Jokes (Anton Shepelev) smirk [Jan 27]
  8. Inattention anecdote (Tim Rolfe) original, smirk [Jan 23]
  9. Close enough (Wilson Morris) smirk [Feb 11]
  10. Custom Software (Aahz Maruch) smirk [Nov 29]
  11. Those pesky libertarians... (Jonathan Hayward) original, smirk [Oct 8]
  12. It's around here somewhere (David) topical, smirk [Oct 5]
  13. Hollywood Squares (Some answers NSFW) (Geoffrey Kidd) smirk [Sep 3]
  14. Technology Upgrade (Geoffrey Kidd) chuckle [Aug 16]
  15. Or maybe a test pattern? (David) topical, smirk [Aug 9]
  16. Lost penis after an accident (Christ van Willegen) smirk [May 21]
  17. Homosexual snooker player (Christ van Willegen) original, smirk [Mar 5]
  18. Ten Commandments of Electrical Safety (John Robertson) smirk [Feb 20]
  19. It doesn't fix everything (Lance Bailey) smirk [Feb 16]
  20. Zooey, is that you? (Paul W. Schleck) original, smirk [Dec 8]
  21. Steve Jobs tries to get into Heaven / Original (tom furr) topical, smirk [Oct 10]

Programmers! Brad Templeton is hiring for a new pre-pre-IPO internet+telephone startup.

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