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Twice a day we add a new joke to this window onto the RHF archives, in the approximate order in which they were originally posted. Come here from time to time to get new jokes from the archives. We keep them around for about a week. The most recent joke is at the top.

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Most Recent Jokes of the Day

  1. British Car Humor
  2. Usenet Oracularities #83
  3. The Deer Hunt
  4. Like shootin' monkeys in a barrel
  5. Two (relatively) new Yugo/Lada jokes
  6. Prescription confusion
  7. Pussy definitions
  8. SOB
  9. Polish popes
  10. Milkman
  11. Math Knowledge
  12. Banking Bitches
  13. And how well can *you* play?
  14. Chemical Analysis of Woman (sexist)

Programmers! Brad Templeton is hiring for a new pre-pre-IPO internet+telephone startup.

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