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A whole new world - for rec.arts.disney (Mark Hartman)
Mark Hartman Computer Solutions
(topical, chuckle, USENET)

[This was written by request, to commemorate the splitting of
rec.arts.disney into five new groups, at least one of which is

"A Whole New R.A.D." - a parody of "A Whole New World"
Lyrics grudgingly admitted to by Mark Hartman

I can cut down the flood
Take you - wonder of wonders! -
Over, sideways, and under
On a group-expanding ride

A whole new RAD!
Five new specific groups to view
Now someone can tell us "No,
don't post there! Go
where it's not moderated!"

A whole new RAD!
A thousand cross-posts come to view!
But when we've got all these
It's tough to please
All of those in a whole new RAD with you.

Unbelievable spam,
Indescribable flaming,
Sorting, reading, replying
Seems it takes three hours a day!

A whole new RAD!
(Don't you dare unsubscribe!)
A hundred thousand posts to see
(Hold your flames - or to /dev/null)
It's like a shooting star
or unmanned car
RAD has gone beyond the bounds of sanity.

A whole new RAD!
(FDC's gone - surprise!)
New regulations to ensue
(Every posting is censored)

We'd know them anywhere
They're here to scare
The net.gods have ruined it for you...

A whole new RAD...
It's sad to see...
"Let's segregate -
It'll be great!
No F-D-C!"

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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