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Now here's a good excuse... (Dick King)
(smirk, computers, original)

Mr. Clinton at first said that he would immediately let gays serve in the military, but of late he's been saying he has to study the matter.

At first i said to myself, "Oh, come ON, Mr. Clinton, it's beginning to look like you made this particular promise to appeal to a consituency and now that you've gotten elected you're backpedaling," but matters are more complex and subtle than i then realized. I was looking up an unrelated matter in the online Ada Reference Manual, and I see the following examples of incomplete types [3.8.1]:

Examples of mutually dependent access types:

      type PERSON(SEX : GENDER); --incomplete type declaration 
      type CAR;                  --incomplete type declaration 

type PERSON_NAME is access PERSON; type CAR_NAME is access CAR;

type CAR is record NUMBER : INTEGER; OWNER :PERSON_NAME; end record;

type PERSON(SEX : GENDER) is record NAME : STRING(1 .. 20); BIRTH : DATE; AGE : INTEGER range 0 .. 130; VEHICLE : CAR_NAME; case SEX is when M => WIFE : PERSON_NAME(SEX => F); when F => HUSBAND : PERSON_NAME(SEX => M); end case; end record;

MY_CAR, YOUR_CAR, NEXT_CAR : CAR_NAME;--implicitly initialized with null value

GACK! Ada is, of course, a DOD project.

Of COURSE Mr. Clinton can't let gays into the military immediately--they would need to rewite the Ada manual. Further study is indeed needed.

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