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The Bachelorette Of The VLSI World
(maybe, computer)

              The Bachelorette of the VLSI world           

               Paulie Kristline, goal-oriented, super-achiever
               Is the much admired conceiver 
               Of deftly crafted microcode
               On the XXX-666
               At SillyCon, the restless abode
               Of many acclaimed wonder chips

               The Bachelorette of the VLSI world
               Is a veteran of ill-fated love
               And though her memory cells are swirled
               By old half-deleted files. She stays above
               Affairs of the heart. `Such softness,'
               She says, `Is an algorithm for unhappiness.'                 

               She seldom drinks. Doesn't smoke.
               Has switched from coke to diet-coke.
               `These days,' she says, `I get my kicks
               From high impact aerobics.'

               She shrugs off her single state
               By saying - `I'm not yet 28.
               The men I meet are so immature
               My cat Nietzsche is surely more
               Comforting with his silent presence
               Even cats outgrow their adolescence.'

               Her half reclusive life-style
               Punctuated by a perpetual smile
               Does not preclude the occasional date
               The odd fling, the stray affair
               Though, she is so careful to tear
               Herself away before its too late.

               But, beneath this outward carapace
               Of defiance and aloofness
               The deceptive cheer on her face
               Hides a growing loneliness.

               In rare moments of weakness
               She has been heard to confess  
               The object of her heart's desires
               The elusive love to which she aspires
               `Someone who's nice to be with
               Someone I can talk to. Someone I can ski with.'

               Paulie's search for Mr Right
               For now must take second place.
               She has so many lines of code to write
               In only so much ROM space.


 Source: Original

  Inder Bhasin

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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