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Jokes - more interesting? movie combos (Caveat Emptor 30-Aug-1991 0846)

The Grateful Dead Poet Society Movie
The Magnificent Seven Year Itch
The Sunshine Boys in the 'hood
New Jack City Slickers
Mo' Better Blues Brothers
What's Up Doc Hollywood
The Postman Always Rings Twice in a Lifetime
Couch Trip to Bountiful
Escape from New York Stories
Flashdances with Wolves
The Color (of) Purple Money
Purple Rain Man
Live & Let Die Hard
Kiss of the Spider Woman in Red
The Woman in Red Heat
Room with a View to a Kill
Ordinary Cat People
Radio Days of Thunder
About last night of the Living Dead
Raging Bull Durham
Naked Gun(s) of Navarone
The Man who would be king & I
Slow Boat to China Syndrome
Russia House of Cards
Hellcats of the Navy Seals
Troop Beverly Hills Cop
Earth Girls are Easy Money
Howard the Duck Soup
The Adventures of Roger Rabbit Test
The Fabulous Baker Boys from Brazil
Northwest Passage to India
To Live and Die in LA Story
Stakeout of Africa
Animal House Party
American Graffiti Bridge
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice's Restaurant
Fast Times at Ridgemont High Plains Drifter
Any Which Way but Loose Change

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