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Deadline Delayed
(topical, original, chuckle)

Original by my Dad, as far as I know.

President Bush announced this morning a generous extension to the deadline for
Iraq to get out of Kuwait.  They now have until January 25.

In a separate announcement, NBC (who, as you may recall, bought the television
rights to the war last month, reputedly for $200 million for the first 3 months
and options on the rest) regretted the necessary delay to the invasion.
Scheduling difficulties, and the remote location had made it necessary to
delay the opening ceremony until January 26.  NBC is very excited about
this opportunity to test out a full-day telecast of hostilities.  If it
is successful, they plan to run 8-10 hour coverage every Saturday.

Television industry analysts think that instant replays and the 'scratchpad'
could add a new dimension to viewer enjoyment of this absorbing event.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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