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Snappy answers to uptight professors

(science, smirk, true)

> The following are "tales" told by our MIS instructor:
> A physics professor was very strict about attendance, and despised
> tardiness.
>                          Being a science student, one naturally thinks
> quick, so the student snapped up and replied, "I came down from the
> back to get a better look at the board".  The prof smiled.

Brings to mind my Freshman Chemistry class, taught by a professor with
very similar philosophies.  One day, near the end of a rather long (and
boring, IMHO) lecture, a student picked his books up and started to
leave a few minutes early.  The professor stopped him and said, "Where
do you think you're going?"  "To the bathroom."  "And why are you taking
your books with you?"  "You're not going to stop class for me are you?"
"Well, no..."  "Gee, I can't afford to miss any of THIS!"

Of course, the professor let him go.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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