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Newsgroups I'd like to see. (Al Cuenco)
Sun Microsystems
(usenet, swearing, original, smirk)

Good morning campers,

Just a suggestion for some newsgroups that might be interesting to see on the
net.  If you have some better ones in mind I would like to  read 'em.

Newsgroup		Description
alt.asexual 		Discussion of living happily without sex forever.
alt.drugs.src		Where to get it and current market price.
alt.hemorrhoids         Postings for cures and whose is more painful.		Games people play and use.	

comp.binaries.adam  	Binary-only postings for the Coleco Adam computer.	Sexual computer graphics, animation.
comp.sources.adam 	Source code-only postings for the Adam. (Moderated)
comp.sys.adam		Coleco Adam: info&uses, but no programs.

misc.insecurity		Insecurities and phobias in general. 

news.groupies		Discussions and lists of Usenet groupies.		The commercials, its history, and discussions on what
			sells and what doesn't.		High fidelity audio and the cross dressers.        Fundamentalist discussion on the joys of censorship.		Discussions on the content of rec.humor.funny articles.
rec.nuke		Discussions on nuclear weapons and why we need them.	Care, feeding, butchering, and cooking of household
                        animals in general.
rec.proctology		Proctology as a hobby.
rec.prog.ada		Discussions on the joys of programming in ADA as a
rec.suicide		Hobbyists interested in killing themselves.
rec.terrorism		Hobbyists interested in mass death and destruction
			against innocent civilians.		Guides to making and marketing home pornos.

sci.astrology		Astrology discussions and information.
sci.lang.klingon	The Klingon language, both spoken and written.
sci.para.psychology	Topics related to the study ghosts and psychic powers.

soc.culture.jive	Discussion about ghetto culture.
soc.culture.nazi	Nazi culture and its place in the modern world.
soc.prostitutes		Political problems, systems, solutions. (Moderated)
soc.women.pms		Issues related to women, their problems & cramps.

talk.gossip  		Made up discussion concerning friends and relatives.
talk.religion.atheist	Discussion concerning the non-existance of god.
talk.shit		The joys of exagerations.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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