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The life of a Usenet newsgroup (Mike Faber)
(usenet, original, chuckle)

Such is the life cycle of a new newsgroup:

1) The initial request:

	I think I'd like to start a new newsgroup.  There has been a lot
	of traffic in rec.large, and I'd like to start rec.large.ball.
	I think that the current large group would be better off with
	the ball oriented issues separate.

2) The encouragement:

	Yes to rec.large.ball.   I vote yes.
	I think rec.large.ball is a great Idea.

3) The CFD
        This is an official call for discussion for the group
        rec.large.ball.  (etc,etc)

4) The opposition

        I like to read about all rec.large things, including balls,
	and I'd like to keep them together, so I don't have to look
	through 2 groups.

	I think rec.large.ball is too closely related to other rec.large
	topics, and the crossposting rate would be too great.

	Don't separate rec.large.  I vote NO.

	Maybe we should reorganize rec.large, after all, there could be
	a rec.large.head, and a rec.large.feet, and rec.large.ega, too.

5) The name calling

	You're an Idiot, anyone with any sense at all would see that
	rec.large.ball is needed, whereas those other groups don't have
	the volume to justify separation.  Some jerkoff's just don't 
	understand usenet (ed. see insulting usenet morals)

	You a**h*l*, you know there is enough volume there, and I'm 
	mailing Elliot to tell him that, too.  You haven't followed
	all of the procedures, and I'm gonna tell him that, too.

6) The insulting of usenet morals

	You haven't called for votes yet, the original call for 
	discusstion didn't specify time periods.  You have no idea
	what usenet is all about!!

7) The call for votes

	This is a call for votes.  THe voting period:...
	the charter will be similar to comp.unix.large as it applies
	to rec.large, but only refering to balls.  To mail - MAIL - 
	your votes in, mail to    bigshot@backbone.UUCP  and include
	either Yes or No in the subject line.  You may include comments
	in the body of the mail.

8) The correction

	The call for votes should have gone to bigwig@backbone.UUCP,
	NOT bigshot@backbone.UUCP.

9) The mass acknowledgement

	This is a mass acknowledgement:

	(Yes)   (798)
		al@thrumnal.uunet (Big Al)
		burt@hasley.ARPA (Chris Burt)
	(No)  (8)
		sexton@portal.uunet (Richard Sexton)

10) The attack of the Vote

	The vote is invalid.  Administrators, the vote is invalid,
	I count 5 people on the ack list that I haven't even heard of.
	I think BIFF voted, too.

11) The passage

	By a count of 915 to 10, rec.large.ball passes.  It should appear
	within a week or two.

12) The complaint

	It's been two weeks, and I haven't gotten ONE rec.large.ball.
	Does anyone know if dinkwater.UUCP gets rec?

Maybe this ought to be anonymous.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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