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Coosbane's Revenge (Patrick J. Flynn)
(topical, doubt it, original)

KLRPHNX, Coosbane (AP) May 16 --  The Coosbane High Command today
claimed responsibility for the death of Muppets creator Jim Henson.
Said General Lord High Tooter Fpmmm:  ``The opening salvo in our
Coosbanian Jihad has been fired, and has claimed its intended victim.
Chief Scientist Wnarpx's Stealth Pneumonia bacteria proved most
efficacious in eliminating this thorn in the side of Coosbane society.
Never again will our civilization be held up to ridicule by the likes
of the evil Henson. Never again...'' (the General had intended to
continue speaking, but at this point he metamorposed into an
angry-looking puddle of strawberry jam).

In a related story, long-time Henson collaborator Frank ``Wizard of''
Oz has apparently had his personality transplanted into Rowlf, the
harmless, piano-playing dog, and  was last seen auditioning as the
replacement for Spuds ``sure I'm ugly, but look at the girls I get!''
MacKenzie, currently in jail on a morals charge.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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