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Yet Another Chicken Joke (Rick Peralta)
(sexual, smirk)

There was once this poor farmer who couldn't make any money growing grain
crops.  However, his neighbor across the street was doing very well raising
chickens and selling the eggs.  One day when visiting, the neighbor suggested
that he could make money too by having chickens.  The poor farmer agreed and
purchased a nice hen, just to see how it went.  Well after a while the hen
got comfortable and found plenty of grain to eat and started laying eggs.

A few weeks went by and the hen noticed this rooster across the street.  He
was a vary handsome rooster and every day would go in to the hen house and
chase the hens around.  All the hens seemed very happy and the rooster seemed
very happy too.  Well, the hen decided to strike up an acquaintance with the
rooster and started feeding by the road.  After a while the rooster also
started scratching by the road.  After a few days the hen could not control
her self and decided to take the matters in hand (so to speak) and started
out across the road to see the rooster.  Just then a truck came by at full
speed and struck the hen.

Laying by the side of the road she thought to herself "WHAT A ROOSTER"!

Newsgroups: rec.humor.funny
From: RSEMIRAG@drew.UUCP (Semiraglio, Raymond David)
Subject: Ya see, there was this traveling salseman...
Keywords: sexual, smirk

Here it is,

        There was this traveling salesman, and he came to the generic
farmhouse in the country, when his car broke down.  He asked the farmer if
he could stay the night, and was told that he could as long as he didn't
sleep with his daughter.  (Isn't there always a farmer's daughter?)  The
salesman, being cold and tired, agreed.  Then he saw the daughter...
She was beautiful!  He went to the room the farmer showed him, and paced
back and forth  trying to decide what to do.  Meanwhile, the farmer, not
trusting this city fellah, placed a dozen eggs in front of his daughter's
door, to see if the salesman went into her room.  The salesman  finally
decided to go for it, and ran down the hall into her room...

        Later that night, his passion sated, he left her room, and saw the
remains of broken eggs on the floor.  He panicked and thought to himself
that the farmer would know what happened.  So he cleaned up the yolks and
threw them away, and took the pieces and glued them together.  He then went
to sleep, confident that he was safe.  The next morning, the farmer got up
and saw the eggs whole, and knew that his daughter's virginity was safe.
He gathered up the eggs and went to wake the salesman.  He woke him and
said that he was just going downstairs to make breakfast.  They were having

        The salesman followed the farmer down the stairs, and watched him
get out a frying pan.  He then got a bowl, and started to break eggs.  He
broke the first one, and nothing came out. "Damn" said the farmer.  He
broke another to find the same thing.  "Damn!"  he repeated.  He broke a
third egg, and cried, "Damn, that rooster's wearin' a rubber again!"

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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