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Six miracles of socialism

Source: TT (Swedish News Agency)
Belgrad. The Jugoslavia magazine OSMICA presented in its latest issue
"socialisms' six miracles", which explained "why everyone is happy in
countries where socialism is practiced".
The first miracle is that there is no any unemployment while at the
same time no one works, the Osmica writes.
And the second miracle is that no one works but everyone still gets salary.
"However while everyone gets salary there is nothing to buy", the Osmica
writes about the third miracle.
And although there is nothing to buy, everyone still has
everything that he wants to have.
Osmica regards the fifth miracle to be that although everyone has all he
wants, he is still unhappy.
"The last miracle is that although everyone is unhappy he still votes for
the communist party in election", the Yogoslavia magazine concludes.

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