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Seminar notice: LINEAR MOTOR (David Rogers)
(smirk, true)

From: (Dolata)
Subject: Seminar notice

Available _now_.   LINEAR MOTOR.  Rugged and dependable:  design optimized by
world-wide field testing over an extended period.  All models offer the
economy of "fuel cell" type energy conversion and will run on a wide range
of commonly available fuels.   Low standyby power,  but can be switched 
within msecs to as much as 1 KW mech/Kg (peak).  Modular construction,
and wide range of available subunits,  permit tailor-made solutions to 
otherwise intractable mechanical problems.

Choice of two control systems;

1)  Externally triggered mode:   Versatile, general purpose units.  Digitally
controled by picojoule pulses.  Despite low input energy, very high S/N ratio. 
Approx 10^6 electrical amplification.   Mechanical characteristics: (1 cm
modules)  max. Speed;  0.1 to 100 mm/sec.  Stress: 2 to 5*10-5 newtons/m/m.

2)  Autonomous mode with integral oscillator.  Especially suitable for
pumping applications.  Modules available with frequency and mechanical 
impedance suitable for
	a)  Solids and slurries (0.01 - 1.0 Hz).
	b)  Liquids (0.5 to 5 Hz)   Typ lifetime 2.6 * 10^9 cycles,
		max lifetime 3.6 * 10^9 cycles,  indep of frequency
	c)  Gases (50 - 1000 Hz).

Many optional extras;  e.g. built in servo (length and velocity) when fine
control is required.  Direct piping of oxygen.  Thermal gneration.  Etc...

Good to eat.

The lecture is by Prof. D.R. Wilkie.
The subject is muscle.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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