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New! Jonathan Richmond Jokes! (Chris Long)
Rutgers Univ., New Brunswick, N.J.
(laugh, rot13, topical, nasty, offense=Richmond)

(The following jokes contain a slight amount of ethnic humor, and so
may offend weak-minded acrocephalic twits.  You have been warned.
These jokes were created by me (copyright 1988) - insert standard

What is Jonathan Richmond's favorite joke?

Joke?  What's a joke?


Why doesn't Jonathan Richmond go out to eat very often?

Because he can't throw his voice.

{ed I disagree with Chris Long on this one.  There is nothing truly
ethnic-related in these jokes.  They simply lampoon a prominent USENET
personality.  Is this joke unfair?  I think not.  If Mr. Richmond or his
supporters care to submit a joke about me, I'll run it by others, as I did
with this one, and if they think it's funny, I'll post it.}

Chris Long

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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