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Re: KW Record Article on Joke Debate

dan@ivucsb.UUCP (Dan Howell)
The Audio Club at UCSB, Isla Vista, California
(chuckle, topical)

In article <2421@looking.UUCP> funny@looking.UUCP (Funny Guy) writes:
|The following article appears today on the *Front Page* of the Kitchener-
|Waterloo Record, the major daily in the town in which I live.
|One recent joke depicts a black man, who is dating a gorilla and isn't
|allowed to buy it a drink in a bar.  He dresses, shaves and puts
|makeup on the animal, which is then let into the bar and
|is mistaken for an Italian woman.
|Another joke describes a Jew who is murdered after he tricks a Scotsman
|into buying him dinner.

Gosh, some people just don't know how to tell a joke. :-)

-- Dan Howell 

{ed Profuse apologies concerning the Douglas Warranty Card.  Reports
say this was stolen directly from a recent National Lampoon.  The submitter
has been chastised and advise not to submit to rec.humor.funny again.}

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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