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Re: Bobby Knight Joke
Indiana University CSCI, Bloomington
(heard it, chuckle)

     (This one is currently circulating in Bloomington:)

It seems that Bobby Knight descided he needed a new suit of Plaid 
cloth, and proceeded to shop about Bloomington to find one.  As he 
soon found, his desired style of plaid was no longer made into fine 
suits which meant he must find the cloth and then seek a tailor.  
While browsing at JoAnne's Fabrics he found the perfect plaid cloth.  
The fabric store lady, who waited on him, informed Bobby this was 
their last bolt of this particular plaid cloth but surely there was 
enough to make his suit.

Bobby was estatic and sought to locate a tailor.  The first tailor he 
visited looked at the cloth and measured Bobby; then told him the 
cloth was only enough to make a pair of trousers and maybe a vest.  
Bobby was unhappy with this opinion and sought another tailor in 
Indianapolis. This tailor informed him that a pair of trousers and 
maybe a coat could be made from the cloth.  Bobby was indeed very 
unhappy since he wanted a full suit.

Bobby was finally refered to a friendly tailor in Lafayette who looked 
carefully at the bolt of cloth and measured Bobby Knight; then smiled 
proudly and proclaimed there was no problem.  The cloth was enough to 
make 2 pair of trousers, a coat and a vest.  Bobby was very happy but 
perplexed. "Just how can you make me a full suit when other tailors 
could not?" asked Bobby. "It's very easy." replied the tailor "You are 
not as big a man here as in some places."

{ed This is one of those jokes that gets applied to a lot of people.}


(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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