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Sneak Preview

(heard it, chuckle)

A couple decide to see a movie.  They arrive just before show time and
the theater is quite full.  As they walk down the aisle and their eyes
adjust to the dim light, they see only a few empty seats.  To one side,
they find a man sprawled across three seats.  After a nervous pause,
one of them says to the man:

"Excuse me, there are very few seats left, and we would appreciate 
 it if you would sit up."

The man, rolling his eyes, replies:

"Eeeryarrrgh ooouwaaaah uuummmpphhhhh"

The couple look at each other, and the word "drunk" is in both of
their minds.

They find the manager.

The manager tries:

"Excuse me, sir, you may only use one seat.  Please sit up."

The man waves his arms and replies:


The manager assumes his drill sergeant attitude:

"Look buddy, I am the manager here.  Where is your seat, anyway?"

The man replies:

"AAAAARRRRGH... the balcony ....OOOOOFFFFF"

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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