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Convention Conventions (Charles Williams)
(smirk, computers)

An extract from a report by Jerry Kindall in TidBITS#437/06-Jul-98 describing the MacHack developers' conference:

No coverage of MacHack would be complete without a mention of the defining event of the conference: the Best Hack Contest, produced by the MacHax Group. The goal of the hack contest, if you're a developer, is to devise and program a demonstration of how clever a programmer you are. Anything goes, even programming techniques that don't play well with other applications. The wilder and more silly the concept, the better. You garner extra prestige if you develop the hack during the conference itself. However, if your program actually does something useful, you will likely be greeted with derisive shouts of "Useful!" when you present it - although, for comic effect, audience members seem to call it out just as often for completely useless hacks. Trying to plug your other products will result in equally derisive shouts of "Marketing!" The occasional technical difficulty is often met with cries of "Ship it!"

Source: <>

[Note - originally appeared in MWJ, the Weekly Journal for serious Macintosh Users, a subscription-only journal with information at Reprinted with their permission.]

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