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Rebuttal to "if lawyers are disbarred" joke (John Mc)
(original, chuckle, long)

Some friends and I were discussing, if a lawyer can be disbarred, doesn't it follow that a banker can be disinterested, and a blackjack dealer can be discarded? Continuing with that theme:

cabinet member disappointed
"Cannabis Club" owner disjointed
cashier distilled
chemist dissolutioned
C.P.A. discounted
cremated person discerned
detective dissolved
dry cleaner disdained
editor dispelled
electrician discharged
geologist dismantled
glutten disgorged
Hamlet disdained
hero discouraged
inventor disingenuous
Iranian immigrant dispersion
jockey displaced
lawyer distorted
magician disillusioned
map maker disoriented
Marine drill sarge disgruntled
marriage counselor disavowed
mathematician disproven
mathematician (2) disintegrated
medium dispirited
meteorologist disgusted
mixologist disbarred
model disposed
mountain climber disinclined
movie star discredited
mugger dispersed
mute disallowed
nudist discovered
nymphomaniac disguised
Olympic skater disfigured
perfume maker dissented
person cured of Tourette's Syndrome discussed
Pete Rose distributed
porn star dismounted
proctologist disemboweled
professional mover dislocated
prospector disclaimed
residential developer distracted
rock musician disbanded
Rodney Dangerfield disrespected
saint disgraced
seamstress dispatched
singer discord
steel worker distempered
Supreme Court Justice disrobed
thespian displayed
union leader dismembered
virologist disinfected
warlock disenchanted
whorehouse madam dismissed

Thanks to Amazing Larry, Theresa E., Brad J., and Joyce T.

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