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Joke from Late night..with Tom Synder (Michael A. Smit)
(smirk, heard it)

Lou Holtz (legendary Notre Dame football coach) was on the show January
28th/97 and told the story of the man with the large farm cart that needed
to be pulled by his one horse. Needing to motivate the horse to maximum
ability, he called out to the horse "....on Sandy", and snaped his horse
whip in the air; horse doesn't move. Next he calls out "...on Daisy",
snaps his whip in the air, again, horse doesn't move. Tries "...on
Beauty", snaps the whip...nothing. Next the man calls out "...on Dusty",
snaps the whip, horse starts pulling the cart. A guy watching all this
goes up to the farmer and says, "if you knew the horse's name, why didn't
you call that one out first?" 
Reply: "Dusty's blind; if she thought she
had to pull that cart all by herself, we would've never got going."

MikeS(as told by Lou Holtz, certainly a good story teller)

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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