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Like my g-string??? (Thomas Reynolds)
Gaunix Group

A story from surf life in Melboune, Australia........

A fairly famous Melbourne surf/sailboard chain had a fairly famous sailboarder working for them in the early 90's. We'll call him Arthur. Arthur was and is happily married.

One summer day he was working away when a rather attractive girl bounced in, and asking him if they sold bikinis. "Yep, over there," and she went over and checked them out for a minute.

"Excuse me, do you have g-string bikinis?"

"Yes, down the end" He replied.

"Can I try it on?"

"Change rooms across on the right." She goes in, and it is important to note that the change room door is not visible from the counter where Arthur was standing.

"Excuse me" comes her voice, "Can you come here?" Arthur hears, and off he goes to see what the problem is. The other bloke in the shop is at this stage justifiably interested in proceedings, and since he can't see into the change room from the counter, instead watches Arthur. Arthur looks into the change room, looks down and his face turns white. "Whaddya think?" she asks,

"I think you have it on backwards."

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