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The Year of the Rat (Ian Chai)

[I read this on Reuter and rewrote it to avoid copyright problems.
-- Ian]

On Chinese New Year Day 2/19/96, the Year of the Rat, a Canada Airlines
DC-10 took off from Hong Kong to Vancouver with 256 passengers among
the throng of holidaygoers.

Suddenly a rat escaped from a catering container! Afraid that the rat
might take a byte out of the 256 passangers 8-) they rerouted to Tokyo
where the passengers got onto another jet for Vancouver.

Then they flew the original plane back to Vancouver with several rat

Richard Peter, spokesman for the airline, said they didn't know how the
rat got on the plane but think it was a practical joke because of the
obvious coincidence with the Year of the Rat. The passengers, however,
were not laughing...

The poor rat was caught and is now questioning the Hong Kong catering
company. (No, wait, the airline is questioning the caterers, not the
rat. 8-)

Said Peter, "I guess we should be grateful it was not the Year of the

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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