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Apparently-From: sagan@AOL.sol.mwy (Joshua W. Burton)
(original, chuckle)

Has it occurred to anyone yet that the reason we haven't gotten any replies from Out There may be the same as the reason we don't often bother flaming AOLers?

"Oh, _goody_, Yendor---here's another one. Let's see, it says [*** --> MAKE FRIENDS FAST !!! <-- ***] on the front panel; how _original_. Two nudes on the plaque, scanned in at low res. What do you want to bet they didn't get permission from the copyright holder? Hmm...address in pulsar distances, but they mangled the Reply-To: line; I don't think `Sol III' is a fully qualified domain at all. You would think all these spammers out in Sirius sector would know about the anonymous reposter at Fomalhaut by now, anyway...."

"Well, do we forward it to their sysop?"

"What's the point? Look at the header; it's some dinky yellow G2 dwarf. The sector is lousy with them---if we have Her shut it down, they'll find another star before She even has time to clean out the logfiles and reboot."

"But look at this bandwidth-hogging crap---this audio disk must have a couple of hundred incompatible languages on it. I don't think this one is even the same _species_; it sounds more like a whale to me."

"Well, if they've got whales on-site, maybe they'll ask some questions and eventually get a clue. In the meantime, I can't be bothered; I've got a whole globular cluster to upgrade to 4.0.2 this eon. Besides, in the long run it only encourages them. The sort of pathetic race who starts these chain letters craves any kind of attention at all."

[This one is original to me; Yendor and Zontak will be way pissed
if anyone forwards it along without my name....]

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