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Best of RHF: General Jokes 96-present

Best of RHF: General Jokes 96-present

This page contains direct links to the best jokes from the early years of rec.humor.funny. Enjoy them, but don't read them all at once.

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Be warned that this is not a joke collection for children. If you are under 18, check with your parents before browsing these jokes.

  • Army joke (Kevin Bittick) laugh, sexual
  • Graffiti (Wolfgang Sirges) chuckle, sexual
  • The letter to dad (fwd) a good reply too. (fwd) (rajesh vaidheeswarran) chuckle
  • Tee hee. how long has this been circulating? (Robert Forsman) laugh, Internet
  • The Talented Frog (Larry P. Schrof) chuckle, sexual, heard it
  • The info Highway... (Elkana) chuckle, Internet
  • Remember me? (Michael Lorton) chuckle
  • Meat? (Michael R. Erb) laugh
  • Apparently-From: sagan@AOL.sol.mwy (Joshua W. Burton) original, chuckle
  • Your starship captain might be... (Mark H. Anbinder) chuckle
  • OJ's Statements to Judge Ito (Tim Fitzpatrick) topical, chuckle
  • If Dr Seuss wrote for Star Trek... (Astrid Jekat) chuckle
  • We'll Your Honor, You See.... (Ernie Smith) chuckle, sexual, sick
  • Doctors can be funny! (John Wagner) chuckle
  • I'll have what's behind Door Number 3, please! (Steam) chuckle
  • The History of the Universe in 200 Words or Less (Eric Schulman) chuckle
  • Letter of recommendation (David Cheng) chuckle
  • McDonald's Solilquy (Gregory Lam) funny
  • Groan (Graeme Dunlop) chuckle
  • Translation from English to corporate (Tony Konashenok) original, chuckle
  • Yoda grammar (greck cannon) laugh, swearing
  • Entrance Exam (Jennifer Denise Werner) chuckle, heard it, offense=football players
  • A Blonde (male) joke I hadn't heard before. (Alan Dekok) chuckle, sexual
  • Which Condom to Choose? (Teresa Ziakas) chuckle, sexual
  • Jesus on the cross ( chuckle, heard it, offense=Christians
  • Some driving humor ( chuckle
  • Classic tale retold (Mark Hartman) original, chuckle
  • Bilingual Message (Tony Brown) chuckle, French
  • Does Jordan make enough? (Carl D. Cravens) chuckle
  • MIT Student & Harvard (Funny Pages Mailing List) chuckle
  • How to find the driver's state !! (rajesh vaidheeswarran) chuckle, forwarded
  • Rejected State Mottos ( chuckle, offense=Americans
  • Another 'I quit' joke. (Robert W. Adams) chuckle, swearing
  • Miscellaneous Unproductive Time (Carl Schelin) chuckle
  • The # of The Beast (Bill Fason) chuckle
  • Fwd: From the murky mind of MelloScoob ( chuckle, stereotypes
  • Universal Poker (Matt Gerke) chuckle
  • AD&D Monster Manual appendum (Egon) chuckle, heard it
  • "With a moo-moo here..." (Jeff I Markley) chuckle
  • You Might be a Michigander (Michael A. Frezell) chuckle
  • Just in time for Xmas! (Pat Niemeyer) topical, original, laugh, offense=Christians
  • And she's no blond..... ( chuckle, original
  • Jeffrey Dahmer (Michael Zimmerman) chuckle, sick
  • Yes, Virginia, there is a Cthulhu (aurienne) chuckle
  • Snappy dresser (Reicks, Jason) funny, sick
  • Just speak louder (Alan Van nevel) chuckle
  • Neiman Marcus Cookie recipe... the rest of the story (Larry Rogers) chuckle
  • End of the world? (Egon) chuckle
  • Looking on the bright side (Richard Swent) chuckle
  • A delicacy of delicacies (Jonathan Hayward) original, chuckle
  • From Reuters Online 1/26/97 (Reo) chuckle
  • Chemical limerick (Adam Bernard) chuckle
  • Peter's Evil Overlord List (Nevin ":-]" Liber) chuckle, heard it
  • Damn good thing they don't have a union (Stephan Zielinski) original, chuckle
  • The Chocolate Ritual (Ian) chuckle
  • Dolphin Sex Offenders (Iggy) Zuniga) chuckle, sexual, offense=women
  • Humor: Not an accusation, just evidence (Mark Atwood) chuckle, heard it
  • All that glitters ... (Joseph Voros) funny, true, heard it
  • Lost quarto of Hamlet (Douglas Wolk) chuckle
  • Pilot to Maintenance Compendium (Bob Neidorff) chuckle
  • Humor: Best Law Enforcement Agency (Mark Atwood) chuckle, heard it
  • The price of conversion (David Kravitz) chuckle, heard it, offense=Jews
  • CAUGHT RED-HANDED (Miss Kitty) chuckle, sexual
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