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Naming the Teams of the Women's NBA (Doug)
(original, smirk, offense=women)

The NBA is planning to start a women's basketball league.  Each
current team  owner has the opportunity to form a "sister" team.  In
the interest of preserving identity, these team names should be
associated with their male counterparts.

From the world-champion Chicago Bulls would come the Chicago Cows,

From the Houston Rockets the new Houston Rockettes.  (Though kicks are
illegal in basketball).

The New York Knicks can get a corporate sponsor and perform a public
service by launching the New York Nicorettes.

In Utah, we'll have the Jazzercise.

The Charlotte Hornets will beget the Charlotte Hair Nets.

The Miami Heat will, amid protest and demonstration, announce  the new
Miami Hot Flash.

Some teams, like the Denver Nuggets, will be unable to find a female

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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