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[pnw.general] Moving to Portland (Randal L. Schwartz)
(smirk, original)

>From: (Randal L. Schwartz)
>Subject: Re: Moving to Portland
>Newsgroups: pnw.general
>Organization: Stonehenge Consulting Services; Portland, Oregon, USA

>>>>> "Shaman" == Shaman  <> writes:

Shaman> I have some questions...and would appreciate anyone with some
Shaman> time and the energy to answer them. How long can I reasonably
Shaman> expect a job search to take.

Forever.  Portland is completely full.  Try Seattle.

Shaman>  I will be looking in two areas --
Shaman> computer operations or claims processing. How do the temp agencies
Shaman> function? 

In Portland, horribly.  Many deaths.  I suggest you try Seattle

Shaman> (I can also do data entry to keep myself alive while
Shaman> searching for a better job.) Are they fairly robust and busy? 

No, completely falling apart.  No jobs here.  Try Seattle.

Shaman> How about rentals? I will be looking for an average rental in
Shaman> a safe neighborhood....hopefully one that will accept my
Shaman> renting by mail so that I'll have a place to park the U-Haul. 

U-Hauls get stolen right off the hitch while you are driving around in
Portland.  I hear it's much safer in Seattle.  I wouldn't know. After
hitting all the potholes on Portland streets, I'm not even driving
around in fear of being swallowed up.  I hear Seattle (the "emerald
city") has a yellow-bricked road leading right to wherever you want to
go!  Try Seattle.

Shaman> Consequently, I don't want to deal with two or three week
Shaman> delays in getting a place. 

"weeks"??  You must be joking.  Try "years".  Portland is all full.
Try Seattle... I understand you can move in right away, and they pay
you to do it.  Seattle is desperate for people to move in!

Shaman> Any recommendations in terms of neighborhoods? It doesn't
Shaman> have to be the Portland equivalent of Beverly Hills or
Shaman> Pacific Heights...but Gangsta's Paradise won't do either. :-)

Nope.  It's horrible here, and we're all full.  I hear Seattle is
having a much better time at it.  Try Seattle.

Shaman> Thanks for any input. 

You're welcome.  Have fun driving through Portland on your way to
Seattle.  They have real sports teams there too.  We just have pretend
teams, like the Blazers.

You'll like it in Seattle.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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