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Announcement of My Candidacy (Edward Luhn)
Earthlink Network, Inc.
(smirk, offense=dyslexics)

Name Edward, hello, my Luhn is.

A dyslexic, am I and States of United for President running I am.

Saying to selfyour now right probably your, "Kidding, is he what?!"
Well, tell me let you this now right: serious, I'm dead.  Because I 
time, it's high think should there be a white man in the Dyslexic 

Saying to self your, "Ofine, kay.  But experience what butt have he 

Years five Transpartment of Deportation have been working for I, signs 
and direction freeway traffic painting...  Recognize you maybe one 


Mine, that one's yup.

Say, you "fine."  "But expect what we can a president dyslexic from?"
Well, a lot one thing speeches, for fewer.  ...And if lie tell I ever 
office in while, good are chances catch it at me you'll do I before.

So in Revember nomember me:

	A confusing mind, confused four times.

Yank thou.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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