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The moral of the story... (Greg Rapawy)
(original, smirk)

Original, and in fact would have happened if I were about five minutes 
faster on my feet and had more nerve.

A professor of a class in introductory philosophy was attempting to make 
the point that few moral decisions are ever easy, so he hauled out a 
variant of an old hypothetical question.  "Suppose," he began, "you are 
escaping from a sinking ship in a lifeboat, and there is one spot left, 
and the choice is between an old scientist and a young child.  The 
scientist, while he has made great contributions to the knowledge and 
welfare of society, only has a few years of life left.  The child has 
done nothing for the world, but has many years left to live.  Which would 
you save?"

After a moment of thought, a student in the class raised his hand.  
"Easy," he replied, "it doesn't matter at all."

The professor was perplexed.  "Well, you might be able to argue that 
position, but I hardly think it's an easy choice.  Why doesn't it matter?"

The student answered,  "Well, one of them has to go anyway... and then the 
other one's a material witness."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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