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Anagrams for the O.J. trial (Monty Solomon)
(original, topical, smirk)

Copyright (c) 1995 by the author, Mike Morton <>. All
rights reserved. You may reproduce this, in whole or in part, in any form
provided you retain this paragraph unchanged.

The witnesses
             Dennis Fung = Fun's ending
              Rosa Lopez = O, zap loser
     Brian "Kato" Kaelin = A rank, token alibi
        Philip Vannatter = Hint: Private plan
  Detective Mark Fuhrman = Famed knave: Truth? Crime?
     Laura Hart McKinney = Unethical yarn, Mark

The hangers-on
             Al Cowlings = Callow sign
            Faye Resnick = Fine car-keys
          Paula Barbieri = [who needs anagrams with "Barbie" in your name?]

The headlines
              Not Guilty = Tout lying
            Bloody glove = Go by old love
       The Fuhrman Tapes = Hate? Snarf them up

The prosecution
      Christopher Darden = He'd pitch DNA errors
 Prosecutor Chris Darden = Predict horrendous scar
 Prosecutor Marcia Clark = Crack composure: "Liar! Rat!"
            Gil Garcetti = Trial gig, etc.

The defense
           F. Lee Bailey = A lie, feebly
          Robert Shapiro = Terror, phobias
         Johnnie Cochran = Chance 'Iron John'
       Robert Kardashian = Debonair shark, rat

The judge and jury
         Judge Lance Ito = Antic O.J. deluge
        The Simpson Jury = Punish Mr. O.J.S. yet?

The defendant
        Orenthal Simpson = No rash simpleton
                         = I slash men, pronto
                         = Oh, laments prison

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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