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1001, 1002 uses

This is a true story about our neighbor across the street........

My fiance'  recently got transferred to a new town and we have moved into a
older, well established neighborhood in the "garden district". Very lovely
area. Our neighbor across the street is a sweet 92 years young widow who is
always on the go visiting friends, playing bridge at the country club,
driving her son to the doctor's office, etc. She has more energy than both of
us (we're in our late 30's and early 40's). She literally sprints from her
front door to her car whenever she's off to go somewhere.

Anyway, one sweltering afternoon she comes over to "chit-chat" as we're
working in the yard (this woman does not sweat!).  We "tease" her about her
energy and why she doesn't have a boyfriend. She tells us that none of  the
men she's met can keep up with her. We compliment her on her energy and the
fact she's still very attractive at 92. 

To that she replies that she's very satisfied how she's aged and the only
thing she's not happy about is the bags under her eyes. She promptly told us
of her remedy to fix that and her doctor has given her the OK to try it.

"It's a tissue-shrinking ointment", she says matter-of -factly, "called

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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