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An elephant and a plastic surgeon (Amanda Zahorik)
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	Three men were on safari in Africa one day,when a horrible thing
happened. An elephant came running out of the bushes and trampled the
three men,but not before they managed to kill it.
	A plastic surgeon was passing by in a helicopter and happened to see
the carnage. He thought that maybe he could do something, and landed
near the men.
	The first guy was in pretty bad shape. He was missing a piece of bone
in his forehead. So the surgeon chopped off part of the elephant's
tusk, put it in the guy's head, and sewed him up.
	The second guy was a little worse. His skin was ripped up and torn
off,especially aounr his neck and face. So the surgeon sliced some
skin off of the elephant and sewed it on his second patient.
	The third guy was the worse. The elephant had,while trampling
him,ripped off his dick. So the surgeon cut off the end of the
elephant's trunk and sewed it on the guy as a replacement.
	The surgeon ran into his helicopter and took off,hoping his patients
wouldn't try to sue him.
	Three years later, the plastic surgeon walked into a bar and saw the
three guys,looking pretty good.He decided to approach them and ask how
they were doing.
	He siad, "Hey,aren't you the three guy who got trampled by that
elephant? How are you doing these days?"
	The first guy responded, "Man, I'm great. I feel wonderful, and you
wouldn't believe how much my memory has improved. I mean, I can look
at a page and recite it word for word back to ya."
	The surgeon nodded and looked happy that at least one person wouuldn't
sue him. He turned to the second guy and said,"You okay? I heard your
skin got ripped up pretty badly."
	"Yeah," said the guy, " but it's better than new now. My skin's so
tough you could punch me and I would barely feel it. Yeah, I'm a
prizefighter now. I'm goin for the heavyweight championship."
	That's two who won't sue, thought the surgeon. He asked the third guy
how he was doing.
	"I'm doin real good,man," the third man replied. "Got a great sex
life, but there's just this one problem..."
	The surgeon got nervous at this point and hoped that it wasn't a bad
problem. "What seems to be the problem?" he asked.
	"Well," said the guy, "whenever they start passing out peanuts at
parties, I always get thrown out."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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