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Religion in school has its revenge (Anthony Spataro)
(smirk, true)

It was right after lunch on a warmer-than average spring day, and I was in my history class. Doodling in my notebook, I listened half-heartedly to my teacher's lecture and looked at the girl in front of me, who was slumped over on her desk, asleep. As usually happens with boring classes, time had slowed to a crawl.

Ten minutes passed, and the teacher started talking about the life in Europe in the seventeenth century. "The peasants didn't have enough money to buy their own equipment, of course, so they rented equipment from the lord of their manor, who in turn took a portion of their crop."

At this point, the girl in front of me awoke, and lifted her head. The teacher, his back turned to us, continued to talk as he wrote on the board. "For instance, if I am a peasant, and I harvest my wheat, I will take it to the lord's mill to grind it."

The girl seemed to have trouble with this. She sat up in her seat and raised her hand. "Could you repeat that, please?" "I, as a peasant, am going to rent equipment from the lord in order to harvest my crop."

"From _who_?"

"From the lord."


The girl looked questioningly at the person across from her, shrugged, and wrote it down.

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