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Sexuality and the Lord (Paul Freda)
(smirk, sexual)

Source:  Unknown

	The Lord gets up one day and decides it's time to make human 
sexuality.  He calls his assistant Jocko and asks him to bring a large 
bowl over to the ingredient workbench. He then begins the recipe.  In 
goes a healthy portion of lust, some friendship, understanding, and a 
little bit of loneliness.  Finally, he adds love and the mixture is 
ready for the final touches.  He tells Jocko 

	" Go into the back room and bring me five of the most sensitive 
nerve endings we have." 

	Jocko's eyes open wide in astonishment and with obvious fear and 
respect stutters 

	" Ah, sir.  You know that I never question anything you do.  
After all, you are the Lord. But are you sure that human beings can 
handle that much sensitivity ?  Remember, we only put two sensitive 
nerves in the fingers, and only three under the arms. "

	The Lord looks down at his little helper and replies 

	"Jocko, I know what I'm doing.  In fact, make it ten.  I think 
I'd like to hear my name said out loud once in a while."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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