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How To Use This Guide. (John Stewart)
(smirk, computers)

I work for a multi country organization with a large network. This network
uses Windows PCs. We experience problems with Windows and all of the 
software that users need for their daily function. By far, the biggest
problem that our site experiences is trying to run WordPerfect under Windows
with all of the other network stuff plugged in.

Note that Windows is a prerequsite for operation on this network.

Last friday, the latest "Systems Administrators" guide came through the mail.

"Gee" I thought. "Maybe this will answer some of my questions about
running WordPerfect in this environment".

I sat down, and started literally at the front of the manual. After a bit
of reading, I came across the following:

    Due to the size of this guide the reader should obtain an electronic
    edition of this document...

"Great" I thought. "Someone back at the head office is thinking!" size and over 300 pages... Loading it into WordPerfect for
    Windows may cause the workstation to re-boot, similarly WordPerfect
    for DOS under Windows is only modestly more reliable. Regenerating the
    Table of Contents under Windows will either cause the PC to hang or
    reboot. Attempting to print from Windows will cause a GDI.EXE error
    or other failure. Print Preview with WordPerfect 5.1 under Windows
    is impossible.

    Consequently to print from the electronic version ... [you] must use
    WordPerfect 5.1, in DOS only - do not launch from Windows.

Well, maybe next time they will tell me how to solve my WordPerfect 
under Windows problem...

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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