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LOSE MONEY FAST (Mark Beirne Lively)
(chuckle, computers, urban legends)

	This chain letter has been around the world 85 times!  It has passed
through the hands of formerly famous and powerful people.  Spiro Agnew got a
copy of this letter and passed it on to Richard Nixon.  The next day he was
impeached on TAX EVASION.  Nixon later almost showed it around the whitehouse
	It was thrown out and picked up by an anonymous DC politician.  He kept
it in a safe for many years and eventually became mayor.  Then one day in a 
drug induced frenzy he made a xerox copy of it.  The next day he was arrested
for possession of CRACK COCAINE.  He then ordered the letter destroyed and is
now about to get his old job back.
	This letter was recieved by a miss Imogene Bufford of Little Creek,
Missouri.  Thinking it was a make money fast chain letter she sent off 20
copies to her best friends.  The next day she had a stroke while commiting
adultery with her minister.  The end result was she was in a COMA for 7 months
and when she came out of it she had and INCURABLE desire for Mayo on WHITE

What ever you do, do not send copies of this letter around.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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