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World-leaders Mailing List (James Hursey)
(chuckle, computer, original)

Wouldnt it be great if all the  world leaders like Yeltsin and Clinton and 
Rubin and Arafat and the others formed their own Internet mailing list? 
They could then sit at their computers and chat about the problems of the 
world and who knows, maybe they would begin to realize that we all  
truly truly live in a global village.

Excerpts from the world-leaders mailing list archive:

Yasha, I have to say that Itzhak might have a point about the Islamic 
militants, although, Itzhak, you may not be helping matters by not withdrawing 
your troops. Bad move, IMO.

From byeltsin@kremlin.rus
If you think you have trouble with your congress, Bill, you ought to be over 
here. At least Newt doesnt carry a gun. Or does he? BTW, anyone heard from 
John lately? Is he lurking or having access problems?

Sorry about our F2F the other day, Yasser. Blame it on the aides. And Bill, 
Yasser and I think your state guy Ross may be getting in the way a bit.  

From yarafat@gaza.strip
No problem, Itzhak. I'll send you a private e-msg. Boris, I was FOTFL reading 
your Chechnya speech. Don't you guys ever learn? 

And so on. Now tell me, would people chatting together like this want to drop 
bombs on each other? Maybe flame wars, but surely not real ones.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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