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Speed Shopper (Heikki A. Levanto)
(smirk, sports, sexual)

Heard from my neighbour:

There was this very enthusiastic golf player, who once
happened to be in the far end of town waiting for a bus. He
saw a sprts shop on the other side of the road, and in the
window there was a sign advertising 20 good quality golf
balls for an incredibly low price. He saw his bus
approaching, but couldn't resist the temptation and rushed
in the shop, stuffed 20 golf balls in his pockets, dropped a
few coins on the counter and rushed out. The bus was about
to take off, but the driver saw the man running wildly, and
waited to let him in. Sitting on a vacant seat he tried to
catch his breath when he noticed a beautiful girl on the
next seat staring at his pants. "Oh no, my dear, it isn't
what you think. It's golf balls" he tried to explain, to
which she answered "I see. Just like a tennis elbow?"

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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