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UW-Madison (Michael D Rand)
(smirk, academia)

The recent debate over tuition reciprocity between Minnesota and 
Wisconson institutions of higher learning has caused an overhaul in both 
university systems.  While the U of M--TC campus has only made 
superficial changes involving administrative raises and tuition increases 
(coincidental?), the UW-Madison has been forced to make drastic 
curriculum changes to try to accomodate more Wisconson residents.  
Therefore, I present to you an original list of the top ten classes now 
offered at Madison:

10) U.S. History--1994 to present
 9) Spare Rib eating
 8) Less filling/tastes great: a formal discussion group
 7) Introduction to balloon animals
 6) How to pass a BAL test successfully
 5) History of roller derby
 4) Long division: friend or foe?
 3) The mystique of childproof caps
 2) Waste paper basketball
 1) Paper or plastic: be prepared

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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