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Re: Where can I buy a marine (Robert Hanners)
(chuckle, nautical)

I posted this in yesterday; someone suggested that I submit 
it to you.  I'm not sure it's that funny but it breaks my wife up every
time we mention it. :-)
			       -- Bob

  * * *

In, writes:
>In article <>, (
>Leonard Franco) writes:
>Let's see... where can you buy a marine...
>Try the Navy. I hear whenever they catch one they sell'em to the locals.

Reminds me of my neighbor, a wonderful woman who thought the world of
her late father.  This was about thirty years ago-- her father loved 
to listen to march music-- that's right-- marches, as in John Phillip
Sousa.  After much effort to find the right gift for his birthday, she
hit paydirt.  A modern (transistor!) radio that had not only AM and
FM, but also (ta da...) the *Marine Band*.

She was absolutely heartbroken, when informed after presenting this 
gift to her father, that the Marine Band no longer played on the radio.
The store manager was non-plussed at the tongue-lashing she gave him
for false advertising when she returned the "obsolete" equipment.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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