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A Better Mousetrap ( Mark Alan Erickson)
(smirk, computers)

We've been having mouse (the furry kind) problems in our
engineering building of late, with occasional sightings 
being common in our research computer lab.

We've discovered a solution, however:  a "better mousetrap."
The best part of the solution is that the "better mousetrap" comes 
from a supplier with whom we are quite familiar:  Sun Microsystems.

It seems that a SPARCstation monitor power supply appears to 
provide a warm, cozy home.  When a mouse tries to take advantage 
of this new home, the trap is sprung, and the critter is instantly
and humanely terminated.  Our colleagues over in Biology tell us
that the little rodents are quite effectively repelled by the use
of Solaris, but since we're not running that yet....

Unfortunately, resetting the trap is a little expensive, since the
power supply/killing unit is a one-shot deal and must be replaced
after every kill. 

Oh well.  At least my sandwich is safe.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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