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Geek Speak! (Susan Loggiodice)
Nyx, Public Access Unix at U. of Denver Math/CS dept.
(smirk, computers)

 The following is a vocabulary list of common words...which are you?

Word		Geek		   	Normal
=============   ================   	===================
Code		software instruction	cryptic message
Boot		load operating sys.	footwear
Virus		makes computer sick	makes you sick
Memory		data storage		retained ideas
News		Usenet			NBC/CNN/C-Span
Mail		electronic letters	bills/junk mail
FIDO		subnet			dog
Pen		pointing device		writing with ink thing
Slip		external comm.		a fall/undergarment
Tip		open line for comm.	$$ for waiters/waitresses
Mouse		pointing device		rodent
Screen		terminal face		metal mesh
Spool		swap device		thing that holds thread
Thread		code structure method	stuff on spools
OOP		C++			a booboo
Ports		serial, parallel....	place where ships dock
Floppy		removeable disk		limp
Harddrive	fixed disk		difficult trip
Windows		GUI nightmare		cleaning nightmare
Root		sysadm			bottom part of plant
Smalltalk	programming language	chit chat

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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