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(topical, smirk, original)

BY Roy Trumbull copyright 1993
non commercial use granted with author credit

Married With Cleaver
A mixed up housewife with a lout of a husband keeps micro surgeons on their 

Doctor K
Bob Newhart plays a charming worldly suicide assister who runs up frequent flyer 
miles and death certificates.

Romeo in Sarajevo
Can a Bosnian youth marry the Serbian maid of his dreams? Complications arise 
along with mortar shells, snipers, and Michael Jackson.

Road to Bagdad
Low level Russian grifter has two hydrogen bombs to sell and is pursued by the 
CIA, Doubleday, Bantam Books, and a caravan of CNN satellite trucks.

Keep A Straight Face
Bill Murray and Tom Brokaw play two guys who open a school for TV 
newscasters in Sarasota, Florida in the same building that houses the Ringling 
Bros. Clown College.

A mouse poop mountebank opens an amusement park near Paris and expects to 
make money although he forbids the selling of wine. (a fantasy)

The inventor of blow-in cards is pusued through Hell by a vigilante pack of 
magazine readers.

Giant Sucking Sound
A sitcom about a rap group who move into a condo complex in Dallas and 
confront a landlord who's all ears

The DUI from hell who terrorizes the highway with the firepower of a K thru 12..

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