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Birds, Bees, and Mailmen (Matthew Sowder)
(chuckle, sexual)

Little Johnny can't sleep.  So he gets up and enters his parents
bedroom.  It's not too late and his folks are caught in a very revealing
and compromising position.  Johnny is shocked!  "Daddy! Mommy! What's
wrong!  Are you okay?" he asks hesitantly.

His father being the quick thinker that he is stammers, "Uhm!  Your
Mommy and are Uhm, Making you a baby brother or sister to play with. It
takes a while and it looks funny but that's how it's done."

Lil Johnny thinks for a while and nods in satisfaction.  His Dad is
extremely pleased and sends him back to bed.

A week later Lil Johnny is bawling his head off on the front porch. 

"What's wrong Johnny?" asked his worried father.

"You know my baby brother you and Mommy were making?"


Lil Johnny cries, "Well, while you were at work, Mommy let the Mailman in
and he ate him."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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