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Job description (Vijay Madisetti)
(smirk, ads)

You may have heard of boring job descriptions in scientific 
journals.  The following advt. to the scientific newsletter that
I edit was a gem.....

Positions for Lecturers at the University of Bath, Bath, U.K.

The salary figures have to be considered in relation to the cost of living in 
this area and in that respect are much better that an overseas applicant
(or someone from London) might surmise simply by converting currencies.
Not to mention quality of life; we have the best pubs.

Bath is a beatiful perfectly preserved Georgian city in southwest England,
which is one of only two World Heritage Sites in England, the other being 
Stonehenge, only 30 miles away. (Georgian is named after George III, famous as 
the patron of Handel, and also for blowing it up in 1776). 
Tourists know Bath for its superbly preserved Roman Baths. 
It is surrounded by beautiful countryside and 
has an excellent climate (admittedly by UK standards!).

The University of Bath is relatively new, founded in 1966, but according 
to ratings recently published 
is one of the leading research institutions
in the UK.


(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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