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New newsgroups
(original, chuckle, metahumor, usenet)

In response to some complaints about the moderators of rec.humor.funny, the following new newsgroups have been proposed:


This newsgroup will contain one posting, detailing the very object guidelines for postings which will be accepted. There will be no other postings. Submissions should be sent to jokes@automagic.rejecter. The purpose of this newsgroup is to streamline the rejection process for those who are tired of submitting jokes to, only to have to wait several weeks or months to get a note that their submission has been rejected due to some subjective judgement by the moderators. All requests made to this new address will be immediately rejected and the requester will receive immediate feedback.


Puns may be judged by the moderators of rec.humor.funny to be one of the lowest forms of humor, but we don't think so. This newsgroup is designed solely for puns. Remember, when puns are outlawed, only outlaws will be punished.


For bad puns about whorable accidents. See also "rec.humor.punny."


Tired of wading through all the postings on rec.humor.funny? This newsgroup will contain only those postings from rec.humor.funny that are actually FUNNY. The criteria for funniness will be completely subjective and left solely to the discretion of the moderators. An alternate name of rec.humor.funnier has also been proposed.


This newsgroup is also moderated and is designed to be even more selective than rec.humor.funny.funny. Only one posting will ever appear. Only the funniest joke will be posted. The moderators will take submissions until such time as they deem, on purely subjective criteria, that they have received THE funniest joke, period.

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