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Communication departments who can't communicate (FRANK BORGER)
(smirk, true, phones)

	Abstract of a recent phone conversation between myself and
	a service person from our local communication department.

Me (after bouncing through about 6 offices)

	"One of our computer lines, (xxx-yyyy) has a bad line. I can no longer 
	get an outgoing dial tone, and incoming calls get a message 'That 
	number is currently being tested, please try again later.' We've been 
	doing work-arounds, but wonder how long it will be down?"

Service-droid (after some delay talking to their computer...)

	"Oh, that line was de-activated as a cost cutting measure. We can
	re-activate it if you wish."

Me (somewhat puzzled at Ameritech's use of the English language...)

	"You mean nobody was actually checking the line? Why did the recorded
	message say the line was being tested?"

Service-droid, (rather bemused at questioning the voice of god...)

	"Oh, that's always been the message you get when a line has been

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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