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Smoking reform (honey bunny)
Convex Computer Corporation - San Diego, California
(smirk, original)

    [Background: A "group" is going after the Camel Cigarettes Company
     because they say Camel's advertising logo cartoon "Joe Smooth" is
     enticing kids to smoke.]

Washington, DC
Special Features
UPI - tony j. podrasky (

In what's being hailed as a blow against smoking reform and keeping 
cigarettes out of the hands of babes, MAMA (Mothers Against Most Anything)
and DAMMIT (Dads Against Mad Mothers Involving Them) are livid over the
court's decision to allow the Camel Cigarette Company to continue using
its "Joe Smooth" character in the advertisements.

Judges Ima Bought and Stew Ped ruled in favor of the cigarette company,
saying that it was indeed within the prerogative of the first amendment
"freedom of speech" for the company to use any logo it cared to.

When asked by reporters how they felt about the decision, Ken Sur 
of TSAR (Tobacco Smokers Against Reform) replied that "we're pretty
happy with the decision" and that "with this out of the way we can get on 
with the business of marketing our new product lines".

The new product line is aimed at the "adults who think like the younger 
generation", and consists of "Masters of the Universe regulars", 
"Cabbage Patch menthol", "My Little Pony 100's", and "SMURF chewing tobacco".

Another unique feature of the new product line is that now, instead of coming
20 to a pack, the cigarettes will be 2 to a box, include trading cards, and
come with a "clorets" to get that nasty smell off your breath before you 
get home.

Introductory pricing will be equivalent to the money tendered for 2 
deposit bottles.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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